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Sheet metal components

NKH has a proud history of progressive and innovative management, a tradition that has consistently resulted in high quality and low costs for our Customers. We are so committed to the idea that it is in our best interest to assist our customers in developing and producing new products that we are willing, in many cases, to share the financial burden of such efforts. As a result, we have established a series of unique principles, which add value to our services and bring great benefits to you, our customer.

A progressive die layout is reviewed on a CAD station prior to detailing. NKH designs and builds all our own tooling for in-house production of customer parts using the latest in CNC as well as the skills of a dozen qualified toolmakers. Engineering and design staff working on networked CAD. With collective experience in design of complex progressive, deep draw, and compound tooling. Fully capable in mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic automation and specialized machine design.


coupling assembly towing bar assembly
Drawhook complete with Nut and Splitpin towing pintile



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